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<u><b>In the general sense</b></u> of the word, we urge for digital healthcare as the application of digital technologies to boost health. Though digital technologies have been used in instruments, diagnostics, and other devices for decenniums , the notion of digital health was only embraced with the advent of devices related to cell phones, smartphones), data and communication technologies, wearables, and telemedicine tools.
<u><b>Digital health</b></u> is very huge and still needs nurturing. Of course, in the not too distant prospect, these technologies will be incorporated into our profession, which no longer makes feeling to talk around the requirement for digital healthcare, but in referiremos for each of them individually.
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<u><b>Health exploration</b></u> has reached quality standards that are very great in drug development. However, these models still have not been able to pierce digital health research and integrated caring models, where tools or resolutions are often implemented based on evidence, used very inadequately or not at all. Perhaps that’s in part because medical trials can’t keep up, digital health technologies are currently well developed, but there’s no reasoning to continue this dynamic. We need to use the amassed knowledge from the perspective of clinical and epidemiological methodology to accurately assess the effectiveness, safety and profitability of these tools. There are quality standards for research, now we need to create a breeding evidence-based medicine as well as finger well-being.
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